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Events 2017


Jazz & The City and Open House

Thu, 26 October 2017, 3 - 12 pm

For five days (25.10.-29.10.2017) Jazz & The City invites the public to 100 concerts on 50 stages in Salzburg. On Thursday, 26. October, Jazz & The City also takes place in the Künstlerhaus. At the same time all studio doors will be open: Everybody can take a glance behind the scenes and experience how artists and artistic initiatives work at the Künstlerhaus!

Café Cult is open from 3 - 12 pm.
The entrance to all concerts is free of charge.
The Jazz & The City Festival App is available in the Apple and Android Store.

3–10 pm
Open Studios:
ARTgenossen, Peter Brauneis, Zohar Gotesman (Guest studio), Peter Haas, Katrin Huber, Cornelia Hutterer, Initiative Architektur, joechlTRAGSEILER (Gastatelier Stadt Salzburg), Monika Kochs, Paloma Menéndez (Guest Studio state of Salzburg), Petra Moiser, Martina Mühlfellner, ohnetitel, oenm, Astrid Rieder, Salon Franziska, Beate Terfloth, Elisabeth Wörndl

Annelies Senfter. Coming to See
Sitzen und besitzen. Stühle aus der Sammlung Neubacher


3.30 pm at oenm studio
Public rehearsal

3.30–6 pm at studio Peter Haas
Free!Form? – Play, Improvisation, Discussion, Family programme

4 pm at Initiative Architektur
Guided Tour Stools from the collection Neubacher

4–6.30 pm at ARTgenossen
Children and Family programme:

Jazz is musique and movement. With alufoil and gypsum we will shape bodies in movement. We will have the figures dance!

5 pm at studio Astrid Rieder
“Bold red_03” trans-Art Workshop
with Astrid Rieder

The audience is invited to create paintings with red color by listening to and being inspired by musique by Christian Ofenbauer.

6 pm at Großer Saal
Guided tour Ursula Mayer. ATOM SPIRIT and Annelies Senfter. Coming to See

6.30 – 7.30 pm at oenm studio
Concert Elias Stemeseder (Piano) & Anna Weber (Flute, saxophone) DUO
The young pianist Elias Stemeseder from Salzburg is a much-respected musician. He has moved to New York in 2015, where he has networked and worked his way into the scene. So it felt natural to invite him to Jazz & The City, as so many musicians from Manhattan invade the Mozart-town during the festival. He will meet Anna Weber for a duo concert.

8.30 – 9.30 pm at Großer Saal
Concert Katell Keineg
The magazine Rolling Stone says it is “damn near impossible to hear her earthy and ethereal voice without being spiritually touched.” Time Magazine finds Katell Keineg “folksy and hypnotic,” “The Independent” hears her as “spacious and spooky,” even Iggy Pop loves and praises the Breton-Welsh singer-songwriter. Because she is more interested in music than fame, the 52-year-old is hardly known in our neck of the woods. This should work to our advantage: at Jazz & The City, Katell Keineg appears in different locations and with different ensembles, and will probably sing songs like “Gulf Of Araby,” “Partisan,” or “Ym Mhontypridd mae Nghariad,” and may even let us know what they mean. www.katellkeineg.com

10 – 12 pm
Socalled / Jewish Music
DJ Set

Once a prodigy on the piano, the so-called Josh Dolgin from Montreal, Canada, committed himself to jazz as a teenager, in order to finally find his own voice via Funk, Hip Hop, and a very unorthodox approach to traditional Yiddish music. He has worked with James Brown’s trombonist Fred Wesley, WuTangClan rapper Killah Priest, Klezmatic clarinetist David Krakauer, Chilly Gonzales and Samy Deluxe as a pianist, accordionist, producer, photographer and filmmaker, magician, doll maker, cartoonist and comic-artist. His over-the-top-but-right-on versatility comes to the fore in Salzburg in various projects such as a solo piano vocal program with songs by Brecht’s partner Kurt Weill, a puppet play and a solo evening with rap-tirades to accordion accompaniment - and a lot of very contagious impulses.


Photo: Jazz in the City