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Events 2018


20 Propositions
Sunset Kino

We, 22 August 2018, 9pm
„In the Beginning was the Eye“ and „Mappamundi“ by Bady Minck
(artist present)**

Im Anfang war der Blick - Trailer
Mappamundi - Trailer

In the Beginning was the Eye
Imagine a portrait of Austria created by Jan Svankmajer and David Lynch: this will give you an idea of Bady Minck’s fantastic film work entitled In the Beginning was the Eye. When a writer investigates Austria through the image presented by postcards, the landscapes around Erzberg and Salzburg province become something between a dream and a nightmare. And the words on the back of the cards seep into the scene as whispers. These are terrible and painful texts, written by unknown hands over the course of time. Tension develops between picture and text, culture and landscape. In the Beginning was the Eye was the figurehead of the Director’s Fortnight in Cannes 2003. It took five years to produce this cinematic UFO essentially made up of hundreds of postcards.
At times a dreamlike vision, at times political, philosophical and even culinary, the film is technically perfect. The stunning sound and visuals and the hypnotic editing ensure that you don’t get bored for a second.

Through the eyes of cosmic cartographers, MappaMundi takes its viewer on a greatly accelerated voyage through 950 million years of development on earth, 150.000 years of human migration and 15.000 years of human cartography. The film visualises the continuous changes taking place in our world, change that is imperceptible over a single human lifetime. MappaMundi is a film about the image of the world that we have repeatedly re-drawn for thousands of years. With over hundred world maps from the past 15.000 years, the development of our view of the world from its beginnings to the present day is analysed and illustrated in all its diversity.

** Part of Earthly Mutations, curated by Vanina Saracino

Earthly Mutations brings together a curated selection of artists’ films and performative screenings exploring the rapidly evolving relationship between nature and technology—an evolution perpetually mirrored in the cinematic vision. The programme embraces this vast topic from the specific perspective of the mutual influence among science fiction imagery, artistic experimentation and breakthrough technologies in communication, cinematography, flight and space exploration. Through five screening programmes introduced partly by the artists, Earthly Mutations departs from a human, gravity-driven perspective of vision in search for other ways of seeing and representing with moving images. It exhorts us to reflect critically on how technological advance rapidly modifies our ways of seeing, behaving, connecting with others in our present, also allowing for the introduction of speculative narratives about the future of our life on this planet—and beyond.


Photo: Courtesy of the artist

In the Beginning was the Eye