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Events 2018


20 Propositions
Opening & Sunset Kino

Fr, 20 July 2018 8pm

Exhibitions: Jakob Kolding, Christiane Peschek, Emeka Okereke, Maria Legat, Nikola Röthemeyer & Annika Sailer (artists present)*
Reception: Stefan Heizinger, board member of the Salzburger Kunstverein
Introduction: Séamus Kealy

Performance: Sam Keogh*
Bags of plaster, food colouring and powdered mica are arranged in the centre of a tarp. Over the course of the opening, Keogh moves around the Kunstverein collecting liquid—half finished drinks, handsoap, bottles of wine, soda, water, toilet cleaner—any liquid he can find. When enough liquid has been collected he begins to mix it with the plaster and other powders on the tarp. He tries in vein to form it into an object with a definite form but the ratio of powder to liquid is tricky to get right. It either crumbles into a dry powdery pile or collapse into itself like a lumpy liquid. What is left after the opening is a slowly drying lump. It smells of stale alcohol mixed with lemonade, cleaning products and wine and is surrounded by a feint aura of powdered mica and food colouring.

9pm Sunset Kino:
„Glue“ by Oisin Byrne & Gary Farrelly
At once documentary and fantasy, Glue delivers a radical and comic insight into our shattered subjectivity. Gary—a cross dressing narcoleptic—has recently come off the mood-enhancing drugs used to treat his narcolepsy. Time and identity in the film are dislocated between places real and imagined: Gary’s flat in Brussels, a disintegrating Irish country house, the floating train in Wuppertal, his own grave, a maternity ward. Gary himself is linguistically pyrotechnic, quick-witted, and provocative, but it is in the pauses, hesitations, slow time and the intimate space of filmmaking that we discover a portrait which is tender and brutally touching.

11pm DJ Set: Emeka Okereke
Emeka Okereke a.k.a DJ Kupeski is a multidisciplinary artist and writer working mainly with, and in, photography, video, sound, site-specific intervention and pedagogy-as-artistic-practice. He DJs under the pseudonym DJ Kupeski. He describes his mixes as a Trans-African musical journey across histories, energies, impulses, conversations, realities embodied in music from Africa and the Diaspora. He draws from such genres as Highlife, Funana, Afrobeat(s), Soukouss, Zouglou, Coupé Decalé, Kwaito, Gqom and everything in between. Of course, foremost is to dance, grove and soak in the pulsating, ecstatic energy accompanying these songs. However, he hopes that the messages and “ways-of-re-existing”, which these songs carry in them will not be lost to the moment, but rather, working in the background—through the lyrics, chords, accordions, guitars and intense drumbeats—will serve as the vehicle by which the dance floor becomes a road, and everyone present, sojourners.

*Curated by Séamus Kealy

„Glue“ by Oisin Byrne & Gary Farrelly

„Glue“ by Oisin Byrne & Gary Farrelly
Photo: Courtesy of the artists

Christiane Peschek, Fracture Nr. 7, 2018