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Events 2002

Series of lectures/performances

The Artist Her/Himself
Cooperation with the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts

In Cooperation with the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts.

1 August, 8 p.m.: Caroline Broadhead, London (Wearable Design): ”Clothes and Shadows”
”Much of my recent work uses light, shadow and transparency. Working with the form of garments, I am exploring the interplay between substance and image, as well as the idea of looking through, the potential to see beyond a surface.“

2 August, 8 p.m.: Irina Nakhova, New York (Painting)
”In my lecture I will talk about my work in general thus emphasizing motivations and the drive of the work, it s relevancy, necessity and justification. How these properties change with time and different historical circumstances will be an element of the talk.“

5 August, 8 p.m.: Paloma Navares, Madrid (Sculpture): ”Process“ ”An overview of my artistic trajectory. How I see my different stages of research, subjects, languages, media … The presentation of the works will be made through projections of photographs, video and sound.“

6 August, 8 p.m.: Alfredo Jaar, New York (Public Interventions): ”It is difficult“
Alfredo Jaar is an artist, architect and filmmaker. His work deals with the relationship of art and politics. At the moment he is present at the Documenta11 in Kassel with a big installation.