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Events 2019


Renate Hausenblas. Anima + Faraday = Ζωή

The 2018 Salzburg Art Award winner will present new work.

Opening: Fr, 13 December 2019, 8pm

These miniature paintings seem like little cut-out animals living in copper-wire cages. A Faraday cage is an enclosed mesh which conduces static-electricity, cancelling out fast electromagnetic waves, but enabling the slowest of field changes, such as those of the earth’s magnetic field, to pass through.

Which influence do these cages have on zωή (physical life) or anima (the breath which brings a physical body to life)?

Is it security? – For you? – For me? For bíos! For zωή! Do we not all behave like caged animals … staying put, rather than being free.

Renate Hausenblas (*1963 in Bavaria) lives and works in Salzburg.


Photo: Courtesy of the artist