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Events 2021


Sunset Kino: The Milk System

Wed, 25 August 2021, 9pm
Program curated by the team of the Salzburger Kunstverein.

Andreas Pichler, Das System Milch, 2017, 95 min

On almost on every milk package we see pictures of happy cows, but the reality is far different. Milk is traded hard as nails. This documentary about the production of milk takes a look behind the scenes. We meet farmers, industrialists, scientists and other experts to answer the question of what far-reaching consequences the big business of milk has—on the animals, on the environment and on humans ourselves. The Milk System is a cinematic journey across several continents that clears up prejudices and points to solutions.

Andreas Pichler, Das System Milch, 2017

Andreas Pichler, Das System Milch, 2017
Photo: (c) EIKON Media und MIRAMONTE FILM, Martin Rattini_Tiberius Film