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Events 2021


Wondrous creatures and worlds

Digital opening:
Wed, 28 April 2021, 12am
via Instagram/Facebook

Visitors are now invited to immerse themselves in a wondrous world with fantastic creatures in the Kabinett Gallery. Into this wonderful room, they can literally slip into a wonderful world! All around, amazing creatures made from paper and fabric complement the scenery. In the entrance area, children, who were former students of Artgenossen workshops, look back on their past by presenting pictures, drawings, a film, large papier-mache figures and texts.

Duration & Hours:
28 April until 1 May: 12-7pm
2 May: 12-5pm

Since 2017, the ARTgenossen have been hosting the children’s exhibition format at the Kabinett in the Salzburg Kunstverein.

In 2001, the ARTgenossen (Verein für Kulturvermittlung) was founded in Salzburg. This organisation develops art mediation programs and workshops for a practical approach for all participants. Visitors to the programs work in small groups, in the form of discussions and conversations, and are encouraged to engage in practical-creative debate. With a studio in the Salzburg Künstlerhaus, ARTgenossen are Doris Oberholzer, Petra Schlagbauer, and Dagmar Sonnleitner-Soyka. Artgenossen are supported by the Federal Ministry of Art, Culture, Public Service and Sport, the Province of Salzburg, the City of Salzburg and the Salzburger Kunstverein.

Tel.: +43 (0)664 4722588