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News 2019


Opening “Petition” und “Renate Hausenblas”

The opening started with the awarding of the Salzburg Emerging Art Award 2019 to Marlies Pöschl by governor deputy Heinrich Schellhorn. Congratulations! The Salzburger Kunstverein also celebrated its 175th anniversary.

Petition was curated by Viennese curator Philippe Batka. Participating artists: Johannes Gierlinger, Matthias Krinzinger, Catherine Ludwig, Luiza Margan, Maria Morschitzky, Paul Spendier, Gabriele Sturm, Borjana Ventzislavova and Daniela Zeilinger. Petition investigates artistic action as an interface to the world. In our today’s world nature is both constructed as an idea and threatened in reality. The contemplation of art is being shaped by our social, political and ecological conditions. This is most evident in art practices characterized by a desire for change. As dissimilar as a petition—which may be a pleading pamphlet or a raging complaint—the artists’ concerns articulate themselves as protest, documentation, contemplation, or even a magical ritual.

Renate Hausenblas presents miniature paintings which seem like little cut-out animals living in copper-wire cages. Which influence do these cages have on zωή (physical life) or anima (the breath which brings a physical body to life)?

Photographer: Michael Größinger