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News 2019


Opening Alona Rodeh und Gabriele Fulterer & Christine Scherrer

Alona Rodeh (*1979, Tel Aviv) presents her first institutional show in Austria with a new step in her investigation of light as a cultural and physical entity. DARK AGES 2020 refers to a looming future; one already discernible. This exhibition draws upon research on cultural uses of light and darkness as well as current technologies of illumination produced for road works, emergency services, airport runways and more.

In the Kabinett Gabriele Fulterer & Christine Scherrer present a cage made of aluminium and steel―with its crossbars held together by industrial latches―which is suspended from the ceiling in the room’s centre. Illuminated by ultraviolet light, the cage floats in a grey zone between painting and sculpture. Its seeming fluorescence suggests an oversized object or an abstract form that might have sprung from a “darkroom ensemble”.

Photos: Bryan Reinhart