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Events 2017


Sunset Kino: Selections from Videoart at Midnight

Wed, 23 August 2017, 9 pm
Selections from Videoart at Midnight
Curated by Olaf Stüber (DE)

Olaf Stüber co-directs Videoart at Midnight, an artists’ cinema project that he founded in 2008 with Ivo Wessel. This programme happens monthly at the legendary Babylon film theatre in Berlin district Mitte. A selection of international screenings from the past years will play here in Salzburg.

Martin Skauen (NO)
Slideshow Johnny
2011-2013, 1 min 21 sek

Skauen’s portrait of Johnny alternates between extreme self-confidence and doubt, represented in the plastering of posters to announce the show, random chairs and oversized screens, with a theatrical yet budget installation, Skauen proposes a fine line between the pathetic and the super star, and the fickle nature of the audience.

Agnieszka Polska (PL)
What the Sun Has Seen
2017, 7 min

Agnieszka Polska uses computer-generated media to focus on the individual and her social responsibility positioned in an intricate relationship between language, science and history.

Theo Eshetu (UK/IT)
Questa e’ Vita
1988, 10 min

In his video installations, Theo Eshetu brings together his particular grappling with the formal grammatics of moving images (i.e., those of television) with themes from anthropology, such as the meaning and representation of rituals, symbols, and myths.

Hiwa K (IZ)
This Lemon Tastes of Apple
2011, 13 min 26 sek

“Kurdistan- Northern Iraq was called ‘Allah’s paradise on earth’ by Saddam Hussein. I started to understand the irony after 1988 when I was told by some of our relatives who survived the chemical attack in Halabja, that the chemicals smelled like apples.”

Mario Pfeifer (DE)
2015, 9 min 26 sek

Mario Pfeiffer’s work explores representational structures and conventions in the medium of film, in locations ranging from Mumbai to California to the Western Sahara. He researches social-political backgrounds and weaves together cross-cultural, art historical, filmic and political references.

Lynne Marsh (CA)
Anna and the Tower
20 min 31 sek

Lynne Marsh’s practice is situated on the threshold between documentary and staged events, and recently concentrates on the interrogations around sites of cultural spectacle such as the studio and the concert hall.

Katarina Zdjelar (RS/NL)
2009, 7 min

We witness two attempts of deciphering the lyrics of the 80s pop song ‘Shout’ as though they contained a coded message. The two depicted men speak no English, so they must phonetically transcribe what they hear, based on their own vocabulary and capacity to vocally interpret the unfamiliar.

Sunset Kino is a programme of film screenings in the outdoor cinema pavilion adjacent to the Salzburger Kunstverein. This program runs July 12th to August 23rd on every Wednesday evening at 9 pm. From contemporary horror feature films to short, experimental videos, the focus is on contemporary art and avant-garde cinema with the theme “I am not who I was not.”

Introduced by the invited curator, screenings are about 90 minutes. Picnic tables and a bar are on-site. People can bring or acquire food from Café Cult. Free entry.

Pavilion designed by Erika Hock.

Slideshow Jonny

Slideshow Jonny