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Events 2017


Sunset Kino: Screenings by Henning Fehr & Philipp Rühr

Wed, 16 August 2017, 9 pm
Screenings by Henning Fehr & Philipp Rühr (DE)
Curated by Erika Hock (DE)

Known for their imagination, humour and parody, the artist duo Henning Fehr and Philipp Rühr live and work in Berlin, Germany. They are graduates of Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Germany. On that evening their videos Studio Visit and Empty Village from 2016/2017 will be shown. The programme is curated by German artist, Erika Hock, who designed the pavilion for Sunset Kino.

Sunset Kino is a programme of film screenings in the outdoor cinema pavilion adjacent to the Salzburger Kunstverein. This program runs July 12th to August 23rd on every Wednesday evening at 9 pm. From contemporary horror feature films to short, experimental videos, the focus is on contemporary art and avant-garde cinema with the theme “I am not who I was not.”

Introduced by the invited curator, screenings are about 90 minutes. Picnic tables and a bar are on-site. People can bring or acquire food from Café Cult. Free entry.