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Events 2009


Performance with Gordan Savicic

[T]erroroke Performance mit Gordan Savicic

Tuesday, June 16, 2009, 7 p.m.

[T]erroroke is an exploration fit for a club or stage and demystifies the profound social impact and the rise of turbo-folk music in former Yugoslavia over the past 30 years. [T]erroroke is the first attempt to establish a comprehensive understanding of this paradigm through typical Balkan songs with English lyrics in a karaoke set up. Characteristic ululations and the deep Balkan passion are preserved in English. This way the ”Western“ audience is in a position to fully understand the content and meaning of the individual songs as well as the absurdity of this genre for the first time.

Gordan Savicic, born 1980 in Vienna, lives and works in Vienna and Rotterdam. From 2002-2007 Gordan Savicic studied digital art with Peter Weibel and Tom Fürstner at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. In his diploma thesis ”Constraint City - the pain of everyday life“ Gordan Savicic dealt in a playfully way with social networks.

Photo: Gordan Savicic