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Events 2009

Great Hall

What´s new on the Eastern Front?
Lecture with Raluca Voinea

What‘s new on the Eastern Front?
A presentation on the tactics of surviving and strategies of success for some Romanian independent institutions activating in the field of visual arts

Lecture with Raluca Voinea
Wednesday, March 4, 2009, 7 p.m.

Having slowly abandoned the self-exoticization practiced in the 1990s in order to acquire a distinctive voice in the post-Wall Europe, as well as the hopes for an instant, miraculous professionalization of the context with the help of external forces, a handful of artists, critics and curators have managed to take an offensive stance and turn the cultural scene into their own battleground, proving that conservative public perception and official policies towards art can be changed.
The presentation will focus on the activities of a few NGOs and galleries, the artists they are promoting, and the often paradoxical context in which they are activating. Among the groups, institutions and spaces, Raluca Voinea will talk about, there are Vector in Iasi (organizer of Periferic Biennial), H.arta in Timisoara, IDEA in Cluj, Pavilion (organizer of Bucharest Biennial), the Centre for Visual Introspection and ParadisGaraj in Bucharest, as well as the galleries Plan B in Cluj, Andreiana Mihail and Posibila in Bucharest. Raluca Voinea is the curator of the Annual Exhibition of the Salzburg Kunstverein 2009/10. The Rumanian curator built up the internetplatform e-cart together with colleagues, 2007 she was in charge for the project ”Public Art Bukarest“ together with Marius Babias and Sabine Hentzsch. 2008 Raluca Voinea worked at the Berlin Biennial and supervised the Schinkel Pavilion, in which five exhibitions, curated from artists, could be visited. She has a master degree in Curating Contemporary Art (Royal College of Art, London) and works at present on a new structure for Public Art in Bucharest.

Dan Perjovschi, East West, 2005, Project for Going Public ‘05

Dan Perjovschi, East West, 2005, Project for Going Public ‘05