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Events 2007


Lecture with Marion von Osten (Artist and Curator, Berlin/Vienna/Zurich)
Within the exhibition ”In Between: Diverse Acitvities”

“I Am Like That Anyway ”, 2006-2007

Monday, January 29, 7 p.m.

Marion von Osten is an artist known for her engagements with feminist theory, the culturalisation of economy and the governance of mobility. Her empirical, curatorial and theoretical analyses of working patterns within the cultural industry were key contributions to the debate on post-Fordist conditions of production. For the exhibition project ‘Lapdogs of the Bourgoisie‘ curated by Nav Haq and Tirdad Zolghadr von Osten proposed a Tableau Vivant of a recent H&M campaign featuring the pop star Madonna and her crew with the Gasworks Gallery London and the Platform Garanti Istanbul institutional teams. Presented as a non-hierarchical community reminiscent of corporate self-presentations, but also of art historical icons, the original campaign as well as the installtion is touching on the relation between art, consumption and corporate culture, as on the history of the representation of inequality and the normalising function of art and creative labour. In preperation of each show von Osten is discussing the image and its analogies with the staff of the involved art institutions and asks for it‘s local relevance.

The lecture at tthe Salzburger Kunstverein will present visual and sound material recorded from the two first venues of the project.