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Events 2005

Project in public space

Trichtlinnburg Maastricht
Een Affeire Met De Stad / Linnajuhtum / Ein städtisches Abenteuer / An Urban Affair A Project in the Public Space of Maastricht

Maastricht: May 27 - June 5, 2005
(location: to be announced)
Opening Event on Friday, May 27, 2005

Trichtlinnburg in Maastricht is conceived as a 10-day manifestation with communicative and performative art projects, a lecture series as well as a film programme. The Trichtlinnburg project in Maastricht analyses urban dynamics and politics, it investigates the logics of allocation of space and takes a hands-on approach to (the use of) public space. It carries out interventions and tests various modes of space negotiating with residents and tourists. Penetrating the urban fabric, Trichtlinnburg shows that urban life in a city like Maastricht has to count on local and internationally connected contemporary cultural voices.
The urban public space around the Vrijthof becomes a stage, a scene of enhancement, a place of performativity and drama – in the broadest sense. The visual and spatial productions – including the all announcing ”Construction Site Pannel, a ”Private parking experience: while driving“, the ”Artisan Productions LTD“, the ”Balloon Festival“ and a collaboration with the regional Giant Guild – incite the participant to take an unaccustomed look at the urban landscape and makes the inhabitant as well as the tourist self-conscious about their personal roles and positioning in the cultural settings of the city. They read and break into social interaction and city etiquette and uncover the identity of the other. They make passers-by see and sense and reach beyond the everyday. They visualize even the less than visual and grip or involve both resident and visitor, both flâneur and chauffeur.

Participating Artists, Designers and Collectives Bik van der Pol, stadtraumorg, Nils Norman, Ron Bernstein, LIGNA, Geoffrey Garrison, Ralph Bauer and Christine Lemke, Michel Dector Michel Dupuy, Sanja Ivekovic, Nikolaus Gansterer, Zuzana Lapitkova, Will Kwan, gold extra, Bolwerk interrational, the Maastricht Giant Guild. For the lecture and film-programme please consult the up-to-date agenda on www.tricht-linn-burg.org