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Events 2005

Project in public space

Trichtlinnburg Salzburg - INITIATIVE ARCHITEKTUR salzburg: discussion and workshop
Een Affeire Met De Stad / Linnajuhtum / Ein städtisches Abenteuer / An Urban Affair

Thursday, 19th May 2005 8 p.m. and 21st May 2005, Ärztekammer (Bergstrasse 14), 8 p.m.
The Trichtlinnburg series of events will be opened in Salzburg on 19th May 2005 at 20.00 at a named location whereby there will also be a debate initiated by INITIATIVE ARCHITEKTUR salzburg on the subject of vacant business premises in Salzburg’s city centre and the possibility of an interim utilisation and exertion of influence in the form of cultural activities in contrast to commercially consumable entertainments programmes“. As a closing point for the series of events there will be a workshop for politicians, city planners, builders, estate agents, marketing agents, citizens, journalists, art and media theorists, artists and architects on May 21st 2005 at 20.00.
There will be debates, which also cover the wishes and demands concerning the dominating constraints of commercialisation and the pressure of utilization, which should help open new perspectives and programmes for historical and touristically intensively visited old European cities. A declaration will be composed in the form of a ”wish list“ and further mediated during the whole project. This in turn is based on the wish list compiled through the wishing released intervention, the audio visual recordings of individual events and the theoretical discourse through insights and statements.

INITIATIVE ARCHITEKTUR salzburg was founded in 1993 as a non-profit association for the mediation of architecture. Critical positions on current issues and the organisation of lectures, exhibitions and symposia are all part of the general organisation. The dynamic changes of the status quo are the source and the motor for the work of INITIATIVE ARCHITEKTUR salzburg. Co-operations with cultural institutions, cultural associations and institutions working in all areas of architecture take place on a local and regional level. The anchoring in the Austrian foundation for architecture made it possible to initiate a national platform at the same time. New levels of cooperation with commerce could also be defined on the basis of equality. One of the focus points of the present work is the renewal of the institution and the surrounding field of the mediation of architecture in Salzburg.