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Events 2005

Project in public space

Trichtlinnburg Salzburg
Een Affeire Met De Stad / Linnajuhtum / Ein städtisches Abenteuer / An Urban Affair

A Project in the Public Space of Salzburg Salzburg: Friday, 20th May and Saturday, 21st May 2005

Opening: Thursday, 19th May 2005, Ärztekammer (Bergstrasse 14), 7.30 p.m.

Trichtlinnburg in Salzburg has been conceived as a three-day series of events. The focal point of Salzburg’s participation in Trichtlinnburg concerns the relation between mass tourism and the infrastructural weaknesses in Salzburg’s city centre, which are reflected, above all, in the fluctuating world of real estate and the abundance of vacant business premises and flats. The aim of the contribution is to involve Salzburg’s city and tourists in the project and to animate them into taking an active part. The artists will realise works with equal input of all of the following elements: fine art, music, performance and urbanism.

Two projects will be presented in Maastricht, Tallinn and Salzburg: Sanja Ivekovic (If) I Lived Here: The Croatian artist asks tourists and the city’s residents for their private videos of Salzburg according to specific criteria of form and content. They will then be projected publicly and a sample of the selected videos will be projected on a large screen and shown during a long film night on a square in the old city. The Salzburg Group gold extra is preparing the cross-city DJ VJ project Love City, involving groups of producers from the fields of electronic music and visual arts from all three cities.
INITIATIVE ARCHITEKTUR salzburg will open a forum for urban discourse and action (in Salzburg only) with the work Wishing Released by the artistic duo transparadiso (Barbara Holub/Paul Rajakovics). The Salzburger Kunstverein commissioned a competition for visual artists and has selected five works for realisation: Julius Deutschbauer and Gerhard Spring open the bauMax chain store in Salzburg’s city centre. In addition, The Video Sisters provide a photo and film studio where you can take an active part. Kai Kuss is working on the concept of flies and parallels between the worlds of animals and mass tourism. Manuela Mitterhuber swaps exhibiting art with tickets for the Museum der Moderne in Salzburg and the Büro Josef Böhm will provide a post-dadaist action full of surprises.
Furthermore, two production commissions have been directly awarded by the Salzburger Kunstverein in the framework of Trichtlinnburg: firstly to LIGNA Radioballett, Hamburg, which is already well known for its actions in public spaces in cooperation with Freien Radios (independent radios) and to Pia Lanzinger. The Munich artist will continue with her Sound of Music work which she developed in 2002 for the Salzburger Kunstverein for the exhibition Geschichte(n) / (Hi)Stories. In this work, Pia Lanzinger creates a discourse about the influence the film has had on tourism. ARTgenossen start their mediation projects in February 2005. They are responsible for the participation of school groups and tourists in the project as well as the city’s residents, with Sanja Ivekovic and the art duo transparadiso (Barbara Holub/Paul Rajakovics).
A project called ”Salzburg’s Collection“ and developed by Cécile Feilchenfeldt deals with how much influence the textile tradition has on the external image of Salzburg. This is being organised in cooperation with the Department of Stage and Costume Design at the Mozarteum University Salzburg. Organisation Trichtlinnburg Salzburg Salzburger Kunstverein with partners: ARTgenossen, gold extra, INITIATIVE ARCHITEKTUR salzburg