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Events 2015

1 Picture in Café

Klaus Taschler

Opening: 3 July 2015, 8 pm

As part of the exhibition series at the Café Cult #70, Klaus Taschler showed a work conceived especially for this space.

Paper panels were suspended on the front wall of the Café Cult, bearing handwritten transcriptions of interviews in which visitors to the café and the park speak about situations with a high emotional intensity, resembling familiar subjects of poetry. Once a day, the panels were squirted with water from a water pistol, making the water-soluble ink of the marker run.

Due to this bombardment with water, the text slowly dissolved, making the experiences and feelings of individuals run together into one big image. The aggressive shots of water transformed the individual into something general. Throughout the duration of the exhibition, the installation was transformed from a purely text-based work into an almost picturesque sheet.

Klaus Taschler, born in Salzburg in 1973, lives and works in Vienna. Since 2013 he has taught at the Arts University in Linz; before he held teaching positions at the Film College in Vienna and the Polytechnics in St. Pölten and Hagenberg. His work was most recently shown as part of the exhibitions Hier steht ein Sessel at the Galerie Traklhaus as well as in Grau – Wi Sa So at the Galerie Traklhaus and at the National Art Academy in Sofia. www.klaustaschler.net

Photo: Klaus Taschler