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Events 2015

1 Picture in Café

Bureau du Grand Mot

Opening: 24 April 2015, 8 pm

The art group Bureau du Grand Mot is presenting the installation “Gegen Gott sind wir Künstler” as part of the exhibition series in CaféCult #69.

Concept and idea: Sarah Oswald, Marko Dinic
Text: Peter Wetzelsberger

Sarah Oswald, Marko Dinic and Peter Wetzelsberger are part of Bureau du Grand Mot. Bureau du Grand Mot is a Salzburg-based art collective founded in 2012. In addition to working on their own projects, the collective also seeks to network, support and communicate with young and emerging artists. Since September 2014, they have been housed in the Künstlerhaus in the studio subsidized by the Salzburger Kunstverein.

Exhibition view Salzburger Kunstverein 2015

Exhibition view Salzburger Kunstverein 2015
Photo: Andrew Phelps, © Salzburger Kunstverein