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Events 2015

1 Picture in Café

Monika Kochs

Monika Kochs was invited to present her work as part of the exhibition series in CaféCult #68.

Opening: 13 February 2015, 8 pm

Monika Kochs paintings depict landscapes or images with forms of flora. They are recollected landscapes of experienced nature, which is connected with an emotional encounter. Monika Kochs paints in watercolours in the open or she uses photographs of landscapes or forms of flora, which trigger specific memories in her and which are thus realized in abstract forms. Usually a series of such recollected landscapes consists of four to five paintings.

Monika Kochs was born in Wuppertal and has lived and worked in Salzburg since 2004. She completed a teaching degree for German and Art at the Bergische Universität Wuppertal. Since 2014 she has been working in a studio in the Künstlerhaus. Recently her works were on show in the Stadtgalerie Salzburg.

Installation view Salzburger Kunstverein 2015

Installation view Salzburger Kunstverein 2015
Photo: Andrew Phelps, © Salzburger Kunstverein