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Events 2014

1 Picture in Café


Opening: 12 December 2014, 8 pm

ARTgenossen were invited to present their work as part of the exhibition series in CaféCult #67.

BAGS OF WISHES – Wishes are not just at Christmastime!

Students in the classes 1a and 1b from the Haydnstraße middle school spent two days intensively exploring the subject of “wishes” with their teachers, ARTgenossen and the artist Bernhard Lochmann. How do wishes work? Do they all come true or do I have to contribute something as well? And are there wishes that no one needs? The result was “Wunschsackerl,” bags of wishes filled with secret, material and immaterial wishes, wishes for school, with selfies at wishful locations, with wishful people and with words related to “wish.”

And what do you wish for? Join in, write down your wishes and hang them on the “line of wishes.” Maybe your wishes will come true!

ARTgenossen are Doris Oberholzer,
Petra Schlagbauer, Dagmar Sonnleitner-Soyka www.artgenossen.cc

Exhibition view Salzburger Kunstverein 2014

Exhibition view Salzburger Kunstverein 2014
Photo: Andrew Phelps, © Salzburger Kunstverein