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Events 2014


Experience Economy
Annual exhibition 2014

Opening: Fr, 12 December 2014, 8 p.m.

The Salzburger Kunstverein is pleased to present this year’s Jahresausstellung featuring works by two Austrian artists, Heribert Friedl and Marlies Pöschl. Every year, a Jahresausstellung is organized and dedicated to the member artists of the Salzburger Kunstverein. All members are invited to take part in an open call that is managed by a guest curator. This year, guest curator Vivien Trommer, has decided to give two artists the opportunity to show a great variety of their works in a two-person exhibition. This decision, which has never yet been done before, not only offers a great insight into the two selected artists’ practice, but also presents contemporary art in its diversities, complexities and differentiations. The exhibition this year is entitled Experience Economy and has been produced in close collaboration with the artists.

Heribert Friedl and Marlies Pöschl work with different media and use various strategies to materialize their approaches. Therefore Experience Economy presents films, objects and installations that deal with interactive and participatory approaches. 170/171 (2014) by Heribert Friedl refers back to the year 1844, when the Salzburger Kunstverein was founded. Heribert Friedl translates the 170 years of the organization’s existence into the signs of Braille and transforms it into a scent piece. In the shape of the signs, a certain scent has been applied onto the white walls, which starts filling the air if a visitor touches the wall. 170/171 thus thrives on the activation and completion by the visitors. Marlies Pöschl’s video installation L’École de Simili- (2014) is neither true nor fictive. A group of nomads meets in Paris and tries to create a common social-space through language. They found a self-organised language school to study the slang of suburban kids. By doing so, they create new identities as a group. L’École de Simili- is a film that was realized in an open collaboration with four non-professional actors and a group of French speaking teenagers who participated in the scriptwriting process.

Through a selection of these and other works by Heribert Friedl and Marlies Pöschl, the exhibition Experience Economy aims to address the collective experience and the potential, consequent liberalization of the exhibition space. As a form of commentary on today’s culture of exhibitions, Experience Economy aims to open a space for new sensual and aesthetic experiences.

Heribert Friedl, born 1969 in Feldbach, lives and works in Vienna
Marlies Pöschl, born 1982 in Oberndorf near Salzburg, lives and works in Vienna

Curator: Vivien Trommer

Aldona Gritzmann, L‘Amant, Edinburgh, 2014

Aldona Gritzmann, L‘Amant, Edinburgh, 2014

Aldona Gritzmann, L‘Amant, Edinburgh, 2014

Experience Economy. Annual Exhibition 2014: Marlies Pöschl
The exhibition “Experience Economy” (12/13/2014-02/01/2015) emphasizes a collective experience. Heribert Friedl and Marlies Pöschl present films, objects, and installations that adopt narrative and participatory approaches. Time plays a significant role in the works. Experience Economy is a commentary on the liberalized exhibition culture and opens up a space for new sensual and aesthetic experiences. In this video Marlies Pöschl talks about her works in the exhibiton.