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Events 2012

1 Picture in Café

Ulrich Nausner

As part of the exhibition series in CaféCult #55, Ulrich Nausner is showing a new piece from the Limitation series.

Ulrich Nausner transforms the space with a large-format, typographic wall installation from the Limitation series. The slightly adapted text from an Internet disclaimer addresses the issue of responsibility and questions the relationship of authorship and liability in the context of art.

The word “disclaimer” is used in Internet law to describe the refusal of responsibility. Disclaimers usually appear in fine print in e-mails and on websites. The term comes from the verb “to disclaim,” which means “deny” or “dispute.”

The disclaimer is subtly called into question with minimal intervention in the text – the artist’s and the Salzburger Kunstverein’s insertions – and a contextual shift from the website medium to a spatial installation. The magnification of the “fine print” satirizes the functionality of the disclaimer and draws the viewers’ attention to the seemingly paradoxical formulation of such texts that are almost never read in full. This intervention addresses the responsibility of society and the artist in the real context of a museum café.

A clear, sans-serif typography was chosen for the graphic design and attached to the wall with large plastic adhesive letters. In this way the installation resembles an exhibition text or the usual identification cards in museums and exhibition spaces. Only the size of the block of text (150 x 300 cm) changes the perceptual context and supports the intervention on a media level.

Ulrich Nausner, born in 1980 in Oberndorf, lives and works as a visual artist in Vienna. In his conceptual work and installations he uses different media to address patterns of perception and contexts of meaning of information and language. He studied visual arts / experimental design at the University of Art and Design in Linz from 2001-2006. His most recent exhibitions were the 2011 Branding the Unspoken in PS Artspace, Vienna and the 2010 Body of Thought in the Sign of Liberty Gallery, Berlin.

Ulrich Nausner, Limitation SK, 2012, Disclaimer text, adhesive letters on wall, 132 x 288

Ulrich Nausner, Limitation SK, 2012, Disclaimer text, adhesive letters on wall, 132 x 288
Photo: Rainer Iglar