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Events 2012

1 Picture in Café

Johannes Gierlinger
Exhibition at Café Cult #53

As part of the exhibition series at CaféCult #53 Johannes Gierlinger presented a new work.

The focal point of the exhibit was ostensibly the short film Broken Time from 2011. Broken Time is a 48 second 16mm found footage film that was reworked by hand. However, only the YouTube link that refered to the artist’s cinematic work could be seen in CaféCult.


This kind of presentation attempted to work around the spatial limitation of a projection and refered to its seemingly endless archive. The film was no longer in the foreground, instead the question of accessibility and propagation of artistic projects. The link thus refered to new forms of presentation, interactive virtual spaces, and forms of projection that are apparently becoming obsolete in traditional exhibition spaces.

The virtual space not only opened up new forms of showing, but also new ways of monitoring and getting an overview of art’s reception. How often has the link been clicked? Did people write comments, and what was that? Was the form accepted at all?

Johannes Gierlinger, born in 1985 in Salzburg, lives and works in Vienna. Johannes Gierlinger studied digital media at the University of Applied Science in Salzburg and at Bilgi University in Istanbul from 2007-2010. He has been studying under Constanze Ruhm at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna since 2011. Gierlinger predominantly works in the field of essay, experimental, and documentary film as well as visual arts. www.johannesgierlinger.com

Photo: Andrew Phelps