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Events 2002

Exhibition | Main Hall

”From the beginning?”
Annual Exhibition 2002/03

Part 1: 19 December 2002 to 12 January 2003
Part 2: 16 January to 9 February 2003

Openings at 7 p.m.

Participating Artists:
1. Exhibition: Hubert Blanz,
Christina Breitfuß, Bernhard Gwiggner,
Gerhard Himmer, Claudia Märzendorfer,
Andrea Pesendorfer, Josef Schwaiger,
Johannes Ziegler

2. Exhibition: Matthias Bade,
Carla Åhlander/Gernot Wieland, Bernhard Cella, Gertrud Fischbacher, Bertram Hasenauer,
Lucas Horvath, Rudolf Huber-Wilkoff,
Nabila Irshaid, Chiara Minchio,
Manuela Mitterhuber (Prize-winner),
Constanze Schweiger, Stephanie Winter

The 2002/2003 annual exhibition tried out — as in recent years — a new concept. This time Martin Hochleitner, director of the Upper Austrian Landesgalerie, and Judith Reichart, director of Magazin 4, Vorarlberg Kunstverein, agreed to compile two exhibitions from the entries submitted. The curators entitled the exhibition From the beginning? They outlined their ideas of the exhibition and of the works submitted as follows: Concepts for careers start with the idea of a clearly recognisable development. Here, the ‘consistency of the artistic development’ is often regarded also as a criterion of the quality of each work, the ideal being its predictability from a formal, iconographic and conceptual point of view.

The annual exhibition of the Salzburg Kunstverein brought up for discussion this system of straightforward development. Artists were invited to examine their positions in a spectrum determined and perceived by themselves. As an example, each should express, in two statements of a position, the range of his/her self-defined artistic potential.

The 2002 Young Artists’ Prize of the Salzburg Kunstverein, endowed by the Province of Salzburg, was awarded to Manuela Mitterhuber for her work Life doesn’t exist inside Language (performance, 86 mins., 10 September 2002 / Shibuya, Tokyo, video documentation, abridged). Adjudication The jury is unanimous in recognising the artist’s approach to a complex theme as fresh, authentic, intensive, sculptural and hermetic, and finds the inherent consistency of the work convincing. The work shows existentialist influence, embodying the spiritual rebellion of the individual and carrying it, through its very excessiveness, to an absurd extreme.

Curators: Martin Hochleitner,
Judith Reichart

Exhibition view

Exhibition view
Photo: Andrew Phelps