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Events 2001

Exhibition | Cabinet

Udo Klapf
Future Jazz

”At the heart of Klapf’s works lie such conflicting artistic resources as line and three-dimensional space. In his miniature, realistic hand drawings―showpieces of condensed reality in drawing, preliminary studies for which often take months to complete―motion sequences or spatial configurations are concentrated into a few precisely placed outlines, which make the ‘outlined’ object appear alien and unreal by virtue of the extreme sharpness of their spatial definition. The tradition of classical outline drawing which dates back to around 1800 merges in these works with the cool precision aesthetics of computer-generated architectural graphics of the kind often used to simulate views of buildings today. Many such architectural drawings are populated with plants and people, figures that exhibit the same schematised rigidity as the constructed squares, streets and buildings. In Klapf’s miniatures, this tendency toward lifelessness, toward nature morte, is radicalised and poetically enriched at once.“
(Anselm Wagner, 1995)

Udo Klapf (*1959, lives and works in Salzburg) was awarded the Young Artist’s Prize of the Salzburg Kunstverein in 2000.

Three-part wall drawing, computer animation

Three-part wall drawing, computer animation