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Events 2001

Exhibition | Main Hall

Annual exhibition 2001 | 2002
Exhibition by members of the Salzburg Kunstverein

Participating artists: Luis Gunsch / Sylvia Kranawetvogl, Bertram Hasenauer,
Severin Hofmann / David Moises / Andrew Phelps, Barbara Holub / Paul Rajakovic, Lucas Horvath / Stephen Mathewson, Christian Hutzinger / Constanze Schweiger, Nabila Irshaid, Paul Jaeg, Kap-Herr, Irene Kar, Dieter Kleinpeter /
Mischa Reska, Karl-Heinz Klopf / Sigrid Kurz, Ana Mas, Aviva Ronnefeld, Barbara Sturm with: Iris Andraschek / Anita Fricek /
Regula Dettwiler / Christian Konzett /
Sabine Marte.

The Annual Exhibition of the Salzburg Kunstverein has been regarded for many years by observers of the Salzburg art scene as a barometer of the current local situation in art. For some time now, the Young Artist’s Prize of the Regional Government of Salzburg, an award given on the occasion of the exhibition, has served as an important incentive to participation by artists from all over Austria.

In 2001 the regional government discontinued funding for the prize. Viewing the award as an essential expression of cultural policy, the Salzburg Kunstverein resolved to continue presenting this prize, which comes with a cash award of ATS 40,000 / € 3,000 to the selected participating artist, from its own funds.
As in previous years, the 2001 Annual Exhibition experimented with a new concept. In 2001 the exhibition itself revolved around the year’s theme of collaboration and sought submissions that explored the subject in one way or another—either as projects involving several different artists or as works devoted explicitly to the title theme.

Submitted works were selected for exhibition by a jury (Hildegund Amanshauser, Erik Hable,
Udo Klapf, Karin Pernegger, Elisabeth Rath), which also chose the recipients of this year’s Young Artist’s Prize.

Prize-winners: Severin Hofmann, David Moises and Andrew Phelps

Reasons stated by the jury
The jury for the 2001 Young Artist’s Prize of the Salzburg Kunstverein selected the project and the spleen goes on …, a collaboration realized by Severin Hofmann, David Moises and Andrew Phelps, as this year’s prize-winning entry. The jury was most impressed by the intriguing continuation of the collaboration among these three different artistic positions. With his three-part photo piece, Andrew Phelps expanded on the exhibition project spleen realised by David Moises and Severin Hofmann in the Galerie der Stadt Wels in September 2001. Spleen (Wels version) investigates the youth cult devoted to the idol of a Vespa 50 Special. Moises and Hofmann dismantled the Vespa, presenting it in a kind of exploded view suspended in space, while Phelps captured the two artists’ passion for tuning in photographs, creating staged portraits with the charm of juvenile photo-mementos in the milieu of the two-car garage (artist’s statement). Processed and enlarged to poster format, these images brought the conceptual focus of the work back to its true place of origin: the teenager’s room, then and now. In and the spleen goes on … (Salzburg version) the artists’ collaboration involves an artistic commentary on an ongoing collaboration. In the sense of the contemporary concept of jamming, it approaches a finished work from a personal perspective.

Exhibition view

Exhibition view