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Events 2000

Exhibition | Main Hall and Circular Gallery

Monica Bonvicini
RUN, TAKE one SQUARE or two

The installation consisted of two video projections, architecture and sound. A man (black and white) went backwards and forwards in a constructed, closed section of a room, a woman (in colour) ran across an area of road works on one of the largest streets in Los Angeles,
La Brea. The projection was made against a huge plastic sheet—like those used for road works—stretched obliquely across the room. On the one hand the sound for the man was the note C played for eleven minutes on a violin, and on the other hand for the woman a mixture of the instrumental parts from Run Run Run (Lou Reed, Velvet Underground, 1968) and Running Dry (Neil Young, 1971) could be heard. The quotes in the display cases in the gallery were taken from the book Childhood and Society by the psychologist Erik Erikson and were concerned with gender-specific aspects of architecture.