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Events 2000

Series of lecturs, discussions and workshops

100 days -- no exhibition
Information -- reflection -- discussion

At the beginning of the year 2000 the exhibition schedule of the Salzburg Kunstverein was interrupted for 100 days in order to discuss fundamental questions about hte programme, the institution and its positioning in the international and regional context.

90 lecturers, 33 events: 19 lectures/discussions, three workshops (art criticism, children s workshop), two seminars (sponsoring, financial programmes for cultural projects), a lecture (the practice of being a curator), a performance lecture (Station Rose), a film presentation (Marius Babias), a dinner for sponsors, an art project in a public space. Two artists in residence each spent about three weeks in the Künstlerhaus (Willem Oorebeek, Stefan Römer).

A detailed documentation is available as a CD-ROM.