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Events 1996


Gottfried Hundsbichler / Joelle Tuerlinckx

In the building of the Salzburg Kunstverein, there exists – both architecturally and in ist traditional conception – a striking domination in the relationship of the main exhibition hall to the “circular gallery ” surrounding ist outer wall. This wall, as a partition between inside and outside, between the important and the marginal, represented the decisive factor in wether a dialogue – which was the concept of the twofold exhibition by Gottfried Hundsbichler and Joëlle Tuerlinckx – would be possible at all. At any rate, it was impossible simply to deny the descrepancy between these two exhibition areas. In the end, the division of the usual duration into to halves (the artists exchanging rooms midway) was made the basis – however diversely this aspect was treated – for bringing out effectively an essential characteristic of the work of both artists: namely, working in and involving a room as a constant reference to movement in time. Despite the hierarchical differences between the two rooms, and constantly under the pressure of time limits, it was possible for moments of persistence to enter into a transparent relationship with moments of progeression and evanescence – thus pointing to their own future or reminiscent of their present as something already past. Ultimately, it was these moments that gave rise to a dialogue between mobile artistic notions which remain in the memory more through their visual implications than through their actual appearance.

Curator: Ulli Lindmayr