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News 2020


New Board Members for the Salzburger Kunstverein

The Salzburger Kunstverein is pleased to announce the appointment of four new board members, including a new President, Gerda Ridler. The other three new members are Eva Hody (Vice President), Anna Flotzinger (Treasurer) and Renate Lachinger (Journalism Expert). We are very happy to have new impulses, experience and energy working with us at board level.

At our 2020 AGM (Generalversammlung) on October 12th, four board members stepped down, including the former president, Elfrid Wimmer-Repp. Elfrid Wimmer-Repp had served on the board since 2003 and as an active and engaged President since 2004. The other three members who stepped down are Christl Urlasberger, who was Treasurer since 2004, Heide Mühlfellner, who was architectural advisor since 2004, and Werner Thuswaldner, who was journalism adviser at board level since 2000. We thank Elfrid, Christl, Heide and Werner for their many years of hard work and support for the Salzburger Kunstverein.

The board of directors is now comprised of the following nine board members: Gerda Ridler (president), Eva Hody (vice-president), Anna Flotzinger (treasurer), Gerold Tusch (secretary, artist), Stefan Heizinger (artist), Renate Lachinger (journalist), Ulrike Lienbacher (artist), Karin Peyker (artist), Beate Terfloth (artist).

Gerda Ridler takes over the presidency from Elfrid Wimmer-Repp. Dr. Gerda Ridler (*1963 in Upper Austria), studied Art History in Vienna and Cultural Management in Ludwigsburg / DE. She has been active in the arts and cultural scene for 30 years, including as Director of the Upper Austria State Museum (Landesmuseum) in Linz, Founding Director of the Museum Ritter, Waldenbuch / DE, Project Manager for Visual Arts at the Steirischer Herbst Festival in Graz, Curator at the Lentos Art Museum in Linz, and as an art educator at the Belvedere Vienna. Since 2019, she has been active in Salzburg as an independent curator, educator, author, and certified advisor and authority on art after 1945. www.gerdaridler.at

Eva Hody succeeds Heide Mühlfellner in the role of Vice President . Dr. Eva Hody (*1966 in Zürich), studied architecture at the Technical University in Vienna, and did postgraduate training in monument preservation at Academia Istropolitana Nova in Slovakia. She has been active for 20 years in the Federal Monuments Office, first in Vienna, then in Salzburg and Bregenz, and since 2012, Head of the department in Salzburg. She is a member of an Expert commission for the preservation of the old city and a member of the board of the Initiative Architektur, Salzburg. As an advisor and jurist, she has been closely involved in the development process of various architecture and art projects in the city of Salzburg.

Christl Urlasberger hands over her role as Treasurer to Anna Flotzinger. Dr. Anna Flotzinger (*1956 in Ried / Innkreis), studied law in Salzburg. Until 2015, she was active as an auditor and tax advisor, and managing director of Ernst & Young, Salzburg. She has been a student at Uni 55 PLUS in Salzburg since 2016. She has diverse voluntary work in NGOs (as an auditor or adviser). Her interest include art, History, politics, travel and cuisine.

Renate Lachinger succeeds Werner Thuswaldner in the role of journalism and press adviser. Dr. Renate Lachinger (*1956 Kirchdorf / Krems), studied piano at the Bruckner Linz Conservatory and German Studies and History at the University of Salzburg. Until May 2019, she was Editor of Culture at ORF Salzburg. Her numerous reports and broadcasts about exhibitions, concerts, galleries, museums and theater performances were done for ZIB, Culture Monday, 3-Sat Culture Time, and Salzburg Today. She was also responsible for TV documentaries on the poet Georg Trakl, the painter Anton Faistauer, the Salzburg Cathedral Quarter, the Sattler Panorama, and the composition of “Silent Night,” which was broadcast in various European countries.

Statement from Gerda Ridler, President:
“The Salzburger Kunstverein, founded by a group of committed citizens in 1844, is one of the oldest art associations in the German-speaking world. It fills me with joy and pride to be president of this important institution. In pursuit of the founding intentions, the Salzburger Kunstverein has developed into an engine of experimental art production. Participation and cultural education are particularly important to me. Together with the entire board of directors, I will be committed to bringing in new members and supporters in order to ensure that emerging and contemporary art are accessible to a broad audience.”

Statement from Seamus Kealy, Director:
“I am delighted by the appointment of Gerda Ridler, Eva Hody, Anna Flotzinger and Renate Lachinger to our board of directors. Our future is very bright indeed with these individuals adding their expertise and experience to the expertise of our artist board members, Ulrike Lienbacher, Gerold Tusch, Stefan Heizinger, Karin Peyker, and Beate Terfloth. With a heart-felt thanks, I salute former President Elfrid Wimmer-Repp, as well as Christl Urlasberger, Heide Mühlfellner and Werner Thuswaldner not only for their many years of hard and heartful work for the Salzburger Kunstverein, but also for their strategic wisdom in the invitation of these very informed and highly suitable individuals.”

Renate Lachinger, Anna Flotzinger, Gerda Ridler, Eva Hody
Photo: Michael Groessinger

Renate Lachinger, Anna Flotzinger, Gerda Ridler, Eva Hody
Photo: Michael Groessinger

Renate Lachinger, Anna Flotzinger, Gerda Ridler, Eva Hody
Photo: Michael Groessinger