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Events 2019


Performance Unseen Border by Arati Kushwaha

Performance: Wed, 4 December 2019, 7pm
at Künstlerhaus, 1st floor, in the hallway

Arati Kushwaha is currently Artist in Residence of the Federal Chancellery of Austria in cooperation with the Salzburger Kunstverein

Unseen Border is a linguistic-based installation that represents a border as an expression of discrimination and repressed female sexuality. It is also an expression of a third world person. All around the world women face gender parity problems and are exposed to customs, rules and disparity by society. Normally women are emancipated from legal, social or political restrictions at the age of eighteen. The artist will create an eighteen feet long wooden plank border that contains eighteen powerful statements which carry social, political and liberating messages by women. An engagement with language and transformation of material is the predominant part of this installation. In the performance the process of burning will destroy symbolically this Unseen Border.

Arati Kushwaha (*Maharashtra, India) is a visual artist who lives and works in India and New Zealand. Arati’s work explores themes of identity, gender, sexuality, femininity and sex-selective abortion. It is executed through sculptures, installations, video and waxwork and represents diverse and critical ideas to raise awareness of these issues. Arati exploits found objects, textile, semantic waxwork and video work to force questions about artistic creativity and the definition of art and its purpose in society. Arati has exhibited widely in India and abroad, including Prague, New York City, London UK and Bangladesh, New Zealand, and Argentina.

Arati Kushwaha has been accepted as the 2019 Artist in Residence, with KulturKontakt Austria, from eight hundred international applicants. This three-month residency is offered by the Austrian Federal Chancellery in cooperation with KulturKontakt Austria.