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Events 2019


October Talks: Lecture & filmscreening
Lecture by John C. Welchman & filmscreening of Mike Kelley’s Mobile Homestead videos “Going East” and “Going West”

25 October 2019, 7pm

Conceived in 2005 in collaboration with Art Angel (London), Kelley’s first and last public art project, Mobile Homestead, was inaugurated at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Detroit (MOCAD) in September 2010 with the unveiling of a mobile home modeled after the suburban house in which Kelley was raised. This introduction will situate the associated documentary films in relation to the permanent replica of the house—to which the mobile component is docked. While the films offer a profound shift of direction in aesthetic and social commitments, they are keyed to Kelley’s lifelong sense of skeptical realism as the artist examines the potential (and potential failure) of “public art” to “do good” for the communities it purportedly serves. Shot during and around the homestead’s journeys to and from the “mother ship“ house along Detroit’s ethnically diverse Michigan Avenue, they bear witness to Kelley's embrace of the inevitable, sometimes confounding antitheses around which the project was conceived: public and private; partly open, sometimes secret; above and below; remembered or repressed.

Mike Kelley, Mobile Homestead, 2012.

Mike Kelley, Mobile Homestead, 2012.
Photo: Courtesy of the artist, the Mike Kelley Foundation & Electronic Arts Intermix.