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Events 2019


Jazz & The City & open studios in the Künstlerhaus

Sat, 19 October 2019, 2-8pm

For five days (16.10.-20.10.2018) Jazz & The City invites the public to 70 concerts on 30 stages in Salzburg. On Saturday, 19 October, Jazz & The City also takes place in the Künstlerhaus. At the same time studio doors will be open: Everybody can take a glance behind the scenes and experience how artists work at the Künstlerhaus!

Café Cult is open from 2-7pm.
The entrance to all concerts & programmes are free of charge.
The Jazz & The City Festival App is available in the Apple and Android Store.

Open studios:
Peter Brauneis, earl. Labor, Isabella Heigl, Cornelia Hutterer, Arati Kushwaha (Bundesatelier), Petra Moiser, ohnetitel, oenm, Peter Schreiner, Zwupp / Betonn

Ausstellungen im Salzburger Kunstverein
Adrian Paci. Broken Words
Johanna Binder. Tabula Rasa
Per Dybvig

Jazz & The City at studio Zwupp / Beton
Merima Klučo & Jelena Milušić

Guided tour to the open studios

concert at œnm studio
with œnm . österreichisches ensemble für neue musik

ARTgenossen family programme
We move wildly along with free jazz sounds and are freezing those movements in small plaster figures.

Studio earl. Labor

Studio Zwupp / Beton
Jazzmusic meets graphic design

Studio Johanna Binder
Between doors: the Rita Frank gallery.

Studio Petra Moiser
Petra Moiser is presenting her new book ‟Drawing. 1979-2019.”

Studio Isabella Heigl
ISI Painting: Wildweststories (Sardinia, Upper Austria, Russia)

Jazz & The City at oenm studio
Blind Date with Marie Kruttli

The daughter of two classical musicians has won several prizes, caused a sensation in clubs and festivals far beyond her Swiss homeland and was praised as “phenomenal” by saxophone godfather David Murray. It seems programmatic and even prophetic that the not even 30-year-old calls her current program “Running After The Sun” and brings her “classic club Swing” to Salzburg this year.

Guided tour to the open studios

concert at œnm studio
with œnm . österreichisches ensemble für neue musik

Cornelia Hutterer
Live Painting. Watch the painter painting!

Studio Isabella Heigl
Inauguration with concert

Jazz & The City at studio ohnetitel
Volker Götze – Wall of Forgotten Natives
Audiovisual performance with dance and music

Jazz & The City at studio Peter Brauneis
Blind Date unplugged

Marie Kruttli

Marie Kruttli
Photo: Marie Kruttli

Marie Kruttli0