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Events 2019


Sunset Kino: Unreal Stories

Wed, 14 August 2019, 9pm
Unreal Stories
Curated by Cameron Jamie (US).

Martha Colburn, Evil of Dracula, 1997
This FANGTASTIC hand-coloured animated film in is enough to cause a line-up at your local Blood Bank. With a Blood Draining soundtrack by the legendary Lyrical Monster Song Master Jad Fair and musical madman Jason Willett.

Fischli und Weiss, The Point of Least Resistance, 1981
This was Fischli and Weiss’ first film together. A rat and a bear are out to make a lot of money in the Los Angeles art world. So when they find a corpse in a gallery, hoping it will provide entry into the worlds of culture and finance, they take it with them.

Marnie Weber, Songs That Never Die, 2005
This film introduced the Spirit Girls, a fictitious all-female rock band whose members died tragically in the 1970s. Wearing white masks, long wigs, and Victorian attire, the Spirit Girls were inspired by the male theatrical rock bands of Weber’s youth.

Martha Colburn, Evil of Dracula, 1997

Martha Colburn, Evil of Dracula, 1997
Photo: Courtesy of the artist