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Events 2018


20 Propositions
Opening & Sunset Kino

We, 15 August 2018, 8pm

Exhibitions: Mark Van Yetter, Mehraneh Atashi, Markus Wilfling (artists present)*
Introduction: Séamus Kealy

Sunset Kino:
„Corpus Callosum“ by Michael Snow
This experimental film by director Michael Snow features sensory commentary on life, virtual worlds, the environment and filmmaking. Office workers (Kim Plate, Greg Hermanovic) appear indifferent, even as their clothes change while they wear them and the environment transforms as they interact with their surroundings. The digital world changes, too, as a family sits in the living room watching the sky on their television set, unaware of the shifting landscape around them.

*Curated by Séamus Kealy
** Part of Earthly Mutations, curated by Vanina Saracino

Earthly Mutations brings together a curated selection of artists’ films and performative screenings exploring the rapidly evolving relationship between nature and technology—an evolution perpetually mirrored in the cinematic vision. The programme embraces this vast topic from the specific perspective of the mutual influence among science fiction imagery, artistic experimentation and breakthrough technologies in communication, cinematography, flight and space exploration. Through five screening programmes introduced partly by the artists, Earthly Mutations departs from a human, gravity-driven perspective of vision in search for other ways of seeing and representing with moving images. It exhorts us to reflect critically on how technological advance rapidly modifies our ways of seeing, behaving, connecting with others in our present, also allowing for the introduction of speculative narratives about the future of our life on this planet—and beyond.

Mark Van Yetter, Untitled, 2017

Mark Van Yetter, Untitled, 2017
Photo: © Mark Van Yetter, Courtesy of the artist & Bridget Donahue Gallery

Mark Van Yetter, Untitled, 2017