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Events 2018


20 Propositions
Talk & Sunset Kino

We, 8 August 2018, 8pm

Talk: Séamus Kealy & Hildegund Amanshauser

9pm Sunset Kino:
„Rheingold“ by Jan Bonny & Alex Wissel
Introduction: Erika Hock

Rheingold - Trailer

Rheingold is social satire with a wink and a nod. The film recounts the tale of the rise and fall of an art advisor in Düsseldorf who made a fortune by manipulating invoices (artists’ collages!) and was sentenced to prison for it. Set in a light-hearted tone, stage director Jan Bonny and artist Alex Wissel have crafted a contemporary morality play about the role of art within neoliberal transformation and an entire generation’s loss of political and humanitarian values. Shot on location at the Volksbühne, the stage sets add another layer of unreality to this true fairy-tale. This is a story about the dreams of a con man over several episodes, and posits the question: how did Beuys’ adage that “Every person is an artist” morph into today’s term “Me PLC”?

***Curated by Erika Hock

„Rheingold“ by Jan Bonny & Alex Wissel

„Rheingold“ by Jan Bonny & Alex Wissel
Photo: Courtesy of the artists & Volksbühne Berlin