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Events 2019

1 Picture in Café

Café Cult #90: Edition by Omer Fast

As part of the exhibition series in Café Cult #90 the Salzburger Kunstverein is showing a new edition by Omer Fast.

Omer Fast
Self-Portrait with Pillowcase
Fine Art Paper
21,0 × 29,7 cm, framed
Edition: 25/25 pieces + 3 AP
Price: EUR 480

The film, The Invisible Hand, from where this edition derives from, is currently on show in the exhibition Der oylem iz a goylem (Tue-Sun 12-7pm).

We offer art work for sale in the form of editions. Often made specifically for our programme by artists who have exhibited with us, these editions range from prints to photographs. They make a great gift, or why not expand your art collection? To purchase an edition, please contact our office or go to our shop.


Photo: Andrew Phelps